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10MinuteWorkshop Router MultiJig dog collars

10MinuteWorkshop Router MultiJig dog collars

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3d printed collars. Other items shown in the pictures are not included in this sale.

These bench dog collars are made with the 10MinuteWorkshop Router MultiJig in mind, but they will work with any jig that requires a 30mm bench dog to locate the jig on an MFT-style top.

The 3D printed dog collars come in two sizes, one that fits the 20mm quad-style bench dogs that you tighten up to lock in place, and one for a standard bench dog with 25mm head.

These two collar types are different shapes, because if you’re using the taller 20mm quad dogs, they can actually get in the way of many routers, so you’ll need to remove them after clamping the jig down, and that’s where the flats on the side of these collars will come in handy, so you can get a set of grips on them if you need to.

The dog collars for the standard 25mm bench dog are altogether neater and sit flush with the surface of the jig, so they don’t generally need to be removed.

The bench dog collars are available in pairs, either as a pair of each size, or a bundle with a pair of both sizes.


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